Binare hibakódok

binare hibakódok

Cause This issue occurs because of a file version mismatch between the binary file that's indicated in the error message and the file that the system expects to find.

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Resolution To fix the issue, follow these steps. Make sure that you select the Keep the disks option when you do this.

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Connect to the troubleshooting VM. Make sure that the OS disk is online and that its partitions have drive letters assigned. Step 2: Replace the corrupted file On the attached disk, browse to the location of the binary file that's displayed in the error message.

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Then, search for the binary file that's displayed in the error message. Notes: The screenshot shows volume E. However, the actual letter will appropriately reflect the one of the faulty drives the OS disk attached as a data disk on the binare hibakódok VM. If the latest binary doesn't work, you can try the previous file version to obtain an earlier system update level on that component. If the only binary that's returned in this step matches the file that you're trying to replace on the affected VM, and if both files have the same size and time stamp, you can replace the corrupted file binare hibakódok copying it from another working VM that has the same OS and, if possible, the same binare hibakódok update level.

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Detach the repaired disk from the troubleshooting VM. Then, create a VM from the OS disk. Hasznosnak találja ezt az binare hibakódok

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